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Use this handy calculator to estimate how an investment or savings plan might perform.
Use this handy tool to look at your income and expenditure and help you set a budget.
Our online IHT calculator will help you calculate any potential IHT liability.
Assess the impact of inflation on your savings over any term.
Calculate your loan repayments on a given loan amount for a specified interest rate.
Calculate your mortgage repayments on a given mortgage amount for a specified interest rate.
Use this calculator to determine if there might be a shortfall in your pension fund when you retire.
Estimate your Income Tax liability, using our online calculator.
Estimate the size of mortgage which may be available to you.
Calculate your lifetime earning potential.

UK News

Some customers may not get refunds after more than 200 Carpetright shops shut yesterday.
But young shoppers are far more likely to use their phones to pay for things, despite stretched budgets.
In an internal memo to staff, the firm's founder and chief executive said he was 'flattered'.
The US Transportation Secretary said Delta must honour rules granting refunds to travellers.
The makers of athletics tracks are tweaking their surfaces to make them faster.